Workshops explore a variety of topics and we'd love to see you for a 90 minute single day event or a series.

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Virtual lunch and learn workshops

Join us for a LevelUp bootcamp to hone your skills as a people leader, or send a team member that is an emerging leader to show them that you value them.

All virtual workshops and bootcamps are open to all participants. The virtual workshops are small groups, and designed to be live and interactive. We love to see participants on camera and engaging in the conversations.

Leading across Generations

In this virtual event, we'll dive into the basics of the 5 generations that make up today's workforce and give you some insights about how the workforce will transform in the coming decade.

Leading in Crisis

We’ll outline the science of a brain in crisis, and discuss how different personalities will show up in crisis.

These groups are small and live, so you get the benefit of others experiences and the opportunity to address challenges you may be having. Join us for this high impact, world-class development opportunity.

The Language of Leadership

We'll dive deep into two exciting topics!

  1. Shutting down communication before it even starts, using badly designed questions.
  2. Learn to recognize and speak to the triggers that drive people to make a decision and move through change!

Find a virtual workshop that you can attend alone with other leaders in various industries or bring just a few of your leaders.

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Elevate the Leader Within - Team Building Series!

Who is it for?

Small to medium sized businesses looking to elevate, empower and engage their teams. This includes organizations that may be struggling or concerned with retention and engagement and highly beneficial for teams that are looking to reset following a lot of shifting throughout the last several years. This series is ideal for organizations looking to boost performance through retention and engagement. The last several years have been exceedingly challenging for manager and individual contributors and it’s likely time to rest, recalibrate and ensure that your teams are ok and getting on track. It may also be a time of more change, so organizations should be intentional about the changes they are asking for in a time of employee fatigue, burnout and economic concerns.

Workshop series: $999.

Scheduled on your time, virtually. Can be scheduled in a day, over several weeks or quarterly. Price is based on a virtual series, but can be scheduled in person. Contact me for pricing details.

WHAT's included?

  • Three 90-minute workshops
  • Employee climate survey (How is your team - really?)
  • Leadership planning session 30-60 minutes
  • Leadership Debrief session - 30-60 minutes

Workshop #1 - Elevate your empathy through personality recognition, including “Ways to lead personality assessment,” and our favorite conversation around recognizing and acknowledging where people are from a brain development and scientific perspective.

Workshop #2 -Language to inspire and motivate across the teams at all levels - In this session we’ll uncover several motivation factors, and how to inspire action in each type. We’ll discuss ideas for improving meeting effectiveness, and encouraging more collaboration across the teams.

Workshop #3 - Creating a culture for all to excel - This is a conversation about diversity and inclusion as part of a company's culture. We’ll revisit diversity in terms of personalities, but we’ll dig deeper into organizational culture building blocks and creating an environment where people from diverse backgrounds (culture, generation, religion etc.) can all be present and fully engaged.

Optional add-in - For the leadership team - Effectively managing remote teams, your role and strategies to execute. Remote work is a growing conversation and demand for promoting work-life balance. In this session we'll get hands on with a strategy to effectively "manage by objectives (MOB)" rather than time constraints. Promoting better relationships, better accountability and more intentional time management.

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