Published March 16, 2022
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Why You NEED to Go On a Retreat!

Have you been checking in on yourself lately? 

When I talk to women, I’m hearing the same things over and over…


“The target keeps moving”

“New normal”

The general response seems to be incredibly overwhelmed or “I probably shouldn’t complain, I know people that have it way worse.”

But the thing is, though, your feelings and your worries, matter.

So here I am, Dr. Kristine Medyanik, ready and waiting for you to join me at the Unlock your Influence retreat for women, complete with a luxury glamping experience… a retreat from your day-to-day which you need more than you think you do.  

The Unlock your Influence retreats aren’t exactly spiritual retreats, but these words by Jiddu Krishnamurti, a famous spiritual leader, sum up the importance of going on retreat regardless of the spiritual inclination, “I think it is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or don’t believe. You would let fresh air into your minds.”

Why do retreats matter – and what’s in it for you?

Ladies – We’ve spent nearly 2 years modifying our living, our relationships, worried about the safety of our air. If you’ve spent any time watching my business grow, you will have heard how a sushi incident of 2020 sent me to a serious timeout… I’d reached a space of barely surviving all the pressure.  If this sounds familiar – it is time to go on RETREAT!  If you’ve struggled to rest or find time to rejuvenate, it is time to go on RETREAT!  Don’t wait until a dinner hiccup sends you into a frenzy, get some perspective, get recalibrated, get time with amazing women to gain validation and ideas to become grounded again. 

In the Unlock Your Influence Retreats, I dive deep into personalities. Why? Because over time, especially when we are tired, it’s easy (and natural) to operate in our most basic self, even though that may not serve those around us. So recognizing when we can make a simple shift to have more influence will serve you 10x personally and professionally (think about the 5 Love Languages – we do this in our personalities too). 

After we dig into personalities, we layer in content around growth mindset, emotional intelligence, diversity (the kind you can see and the kind you can’t) and we have a lot of fun while we are at it.  As we continue to navigate our “new normal” (PS, I hate that term) we will have more needs as women to come together in community. Remote work will become more common, and in our business, it will be hard to find those connections. We’ve built an experience just for you to come together with like-minded women and celebrate our superpowers! 

This is not a conference of 100-1000 people!  We have a max of between 10-20 women at each retreat. You are known and valued as an individual and will find the space to set goals that make sense for YOU.

Sign up for a Shattered Glass Leadership Retreat today and change your life forever.

We will all celebrate that growth together

I don’t teach a one size fits all approach in any of my content, everything will be directly applicable to YOU, your needs and the person you are. You’ll find out quickly, that I also approach a lot of the content with humor and real-life moments…spoiler alert…even as an expert in this space, I tend to fall on my face and have to recalibrate often.  My leadership journey as a mom has been the most challenging of all the hats I wear, and you’ll get to see and hear how bad I’ve stepped in #leadershit during this time.

My hope is that it will encourage you to find humor in your own missteps. Leadership is a journey of progress and NOT a destination!  

So, it’s time to go on RETREAT! Take the break to be on this journey with me!

I invite you onto my property, provide gift bags, a custom experience and so much more. Grab your favorite yoga pants, pack just the essentials and prepare to just arrive and be yourself!

I promise you’ll feel like a new person at the end of the time together! 

Is the “Unlock Your Influence” Retreat for you?

Are you having trouble seeing yourself as a leader in your workplace, community organization, or family? YES, this retreat is for you! ?

Do you want to focus on unlocking your influence as a leader through awareness and honest discussion? Then, YES! ??

Are you an adult woman looking to increase your daily impact? YES! ??

Kristine Medyanik

Dr. Kristine Medyanik has been teaching business and psychology classes, for many years. She started Shattered Glass Leadship to offer boutique-style workshops that provide expert content to “level up” your daily leadership practice. She has an amazing husband and 3 growing boys and works hard to support local women-owned small businesses.