Dr. Kristine Medyanik

With over 10 years of teaching experience and a doctorate in business, Kristine has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations unlock their true potential.

Changing businesses and communities by elevating everyday leaders.

Dr. Kristine Medyanik is a renowned speaker and leadership expert, specializing in organizational psychology and business strategy.

As the founder of Shattered Glass Leadership, Dr. Medyanik combines her deep knowledge of personality assessment, motivation, and brain science to create transformative retreats and workshops. Her unique approach allows participants to explore their goals, confront real challenges, and develop action plans for meaningful change in their lives.

With her dynamic speaking style and insightful content, Dr. Medyanik captivates audiences worldwide. Her expertise encompasses a range of topics, including leading across generations, navigating leadership in times of crisis, and effectively managing different personality types.

Whether you’re an aspiring leader, seasoned executive, or someone looking to maximize their potential, Dr. Kristine Medyanik is eager to collaborate with you on your journey towards success.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Keynote Topics

Leading in Crisis – Changing your perspective to elevate
your empathy.

Leading across Generations – A Lens to Honor the experiences of everyone on your team

Leading across personalities – The foundation for trust with a side of humor!

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