Shattered Glass Leadership offers a variety of events to unlock your Influence, Multiply your impact and grow into your best self personally and professionally. Explore both in person and virtual offerings!

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Custom Retreats

This is amazing opportunity to get a few friends together to connect and refresh in your leadership practice. Shattered Glass has two venues available, or we can travel to you.
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Unlock your influence Retreats

For women who wish to elevate their leadership practice, Shattered Glass Leadership offers boutique-style womens retreats where we deep dive into leadership theory and application. Unlike other large competitors, our setting allows for reflection, rejuvenation and specialized approach to leadership for women in formal or informal leadership roles within companies of any size. The ideas and concepts we dive into will even carry over into improving your home life.

  • You'll get to know your motivators and personality traits, plus how to recognize them in others.
  • You'll learn about the language of leadership and how to balance your doing vs. thinking self, and how to approach leadership with an agile mindset.
  • You'll learn how to unlock your influence both personally and professionally by leveraging a variety of skills and setting meaningful growth goals.

Our retreats are in a small intimate setting, where like-minded women can come together to develop our skills and maybe even leave with new friends.

Who is it for?

The retreats are designed for women that are interested in unlocking their influence, while also taking a time out to reflect, recalibrate and center on their leadership practice. Shattered Glass Leadership believes that leadership isn't a title or a role, it is about influencing the world around us in a positive way personally and professionally. When you have the tools to quickly recognize personalities and motivators you can achieve more, improve engagement and recognize when it may be time to hit the brakes a little bit.

What to Expect

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted and have options to get a beverage and review the retreat material. You’ll also have a chance to select a bed (if you are an overnight guest).

We’ll jump in at the starting time with course content related to exploration of self, and identifying some key traits and indicators you can use to identify others. Rest assured this is not your typical discussion or personality test, it’s multi-layered and you’ll dig deep to set a foundation for the rest of our time together. We’ll then dig into content around the language of leaders, motivation and understanding the motivation in others and so much more. You’ll be treated to meals that are thoughtfully prepared, and before and after meal times you’ll have time to reflect on extensive patios surrounded by birds and nature.

In the Scappoose location (only available to custom retreat groups) you can also elect to get paddle boards or kayaks out. Overnight guests will have a twin or full size bed, fresh sheets and the opportunity to meet a new friend. After retreat work in the evening, wine or tea will be served, with options to enjoy a movie or quiet time.

Custom retreats are perfect for a small team or group of 4-7 girlfriends. I provide the venue and content personalized to your needs.

The goal is to not only provide actionable content to develop in your leadership practice, it is to take the time to reflect on the parts that are most applicable to where you are in your journey.

Please note that every participant has a private twin bed, but not a private room. If you bring a friend or two, we can absolutely set you up together in a space.

Salem Retreats

The Salem location provides woods and lots of outdoor decks, heated swimming pool, hot tub and beautiful fire pit with a variety of seating options for reflection time.
This leadership retreat was amazing. Valuable information and conversations. The length of the retreat was ideal for breaking down and understanding the content covered. The workbooks have been helpful in continuing to understand and apply the information. I 100% recommend this retreat for anyone open to growth in any area of their lives. I look forward to participating in more retreats in the future.
Beautiful accommodations, delicious food, valuable, helpful content! I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat from beginning to end. Kristine delivers the content in an interactive, non-judgmental atmosphere that was enjoyable. She provides practical application of the concepts so you can start applying them immediately. I highly recommend her retreats! Well worth the time and money!


The Scappoose location is in a floating home on the Multnomah channel, with water access and a beautiful patio on the water to reflect and relax. Kayaks and paddleboards are also available for use during down time.

Only available to book as a custom retreat! That means you pick your dates, and bring your friends! We provide content, and customize all other planning to your needs.