Introducing my first e-course

Tactical Leadership for Today's Leaders

Clarify your mission.

Fulfill your leadership potential.

Conquer obstacles.

All in just 10 steps.

People are looking to YOU for leadership.

They want you to help them achieve their goals, fulfill their mission, and overcome challenges they encounter along the way.

But being a leader isn’t easy. It requires both keen insight AND strong action.

If you don’t have both, you won’t make forward progress on your mission.

This 10-steps challenge will give you strategic leadership insights with each lesson, as well as specific actions to take to strengthen your leadership skills. If you’re ready to reach your leadership potential, this is for you.

So...are you in?


  • Identify personal mission and goals
  • Make action plans to move a goal forward
  • Identify team mission and goals
  • Make specific action plans leveraging team member strengths
  • Show mastery of moving between strategic intent and tactical action
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Lucy Escobar, Lucy Escobar Coaching and Consulting LLC
The retreat was transformative. Wonderful energy, a fantastic circle of women coming together in leadership sisterhood. The circle began with opening up and sharing our vulnerabilities in leadership and ended with looking at the stories constructively with the aim of carrying over our lessons learned into our lives back home and businesses. Dr. K was able to inspire us to look past our past and help guide us into rediscovering our emotional intelligence and how to grow. I was able to walk away with awareness, an action plan and a strong bond with other empowered women.