Published July 20, 2023
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Making the Most of Meetings: Effective Leadership in Action


Hey, everybody! Dr. K here, and I couldn’t resist sharing a thought that crossed my mind while sipping coffee from one of my favorite mugs. It reads, “Congrats, you survived another meeting that could have been an email.” This humorous statement got me thinking about leadership, team management, and the effective use of meeting time. Leadership isn’t just a title; it’s an attitude, and as managers, we must embody effective leadership to guide our teams successfully. So, let’s dive into the topic and explore how we can optimize our meeting practices for greater efficiency and productivity.

The Purpose of Meetings

When it comes to meetings, it’s crucial to consider their purpose. Are they truly necessary, or could the same objectives be achieved through other means, such as an email or a one-on-one conversation? As leaders, it’s our responsibility to evaluate the value and impact of each meeting. Two key considerations in determining whether a meeting is warranted are building agreement and establishing action items.

Building Agreement

Meetings should be reserved for matters that require building agreement and gaining buy-in from the team. When multiple perspectives need to be heard, discussed, and aligned, a meeting can provide a platform for collaboration and consensus. However, if one person can adequately convey the necessary information or decisions can be made without extensive discussion, then a meeting might not be the most effective use of everyone’s time. In such cases, a targeted email or a one-on-one conversation can be more appropriate.

Establishing Action Items

An effective meeting should conclude with clear action items and individual responsibilities. Participants should leave the meeting with a solid understanding of their roles, expectations, and what they need to accomplish moving forward. Accountability is essential, and without clear action items, meetings can become mere talk without tangible outcomes. When action items are well-defined, team members can focus on execution and follow-through, driving progress and achieving shared goals.

Making the Most of Meeting Time

To make the most of meeting time, it’s important to foster collaboration, trust, and productivity. Ensure that participants actively engage in discussions, share ideas, and feel heard. Encourage an open and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued. By leveraging the collective wisdom of the team, meetings become opportunities for growth and innovation. Additionally, keep meetings focused and time-bound to maintain efficiency and respect for everyone’s schedules.

The Power of Effective Communication

In some instances, a well-crafted email or a one-on-one conversation can achieve the desired outcomes without the need for a meeting. Communication should be tailored to the purpose, urgency, and complexity of the subject matter. By leveraging different communication channels appropriately, leaders can ensure that their messages are effectively delivered, understood, and acted upon.


As leaders, it’s our responsibility to make effective use of meeting time, fostering collaboration, agreement, and actionable outcomes. Evaluating the necessity of meetings, building agreement, and establishing clear action items are key steps toward maximizing productivity and engagement. Remember, leadership is about making intentional choices that optimize team performance and drive results. So, before scheduling that next meeting, ask yourself, “Can this be accomplished through other means?” Let’s prioritize efficient communication, build trust, and create a culture of productivity. By doing so, we can transform meetings from time-consuming events into meaningful and impactful interactions. Until next time, take care, lead effectively, and make every meeting count!

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Kristine Medyanik

Dr. Kristine Medyanik has been teaching business and psychology classes, for many years. She started Shattered Glass Leadship to offer boutique-style workshops that provide expert content to “level up” your daily leadership practice. She has an amazing husband and 3 growing boys and works hard to support local women-owned small businesses.