Published April 12, 2023
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Leadership Development Plays an Important Role for Teenagers!

Leadership development is important for teenagers for several reasons:

  1. Personal Growth: Leadership development helps teenagers develop valuable personal skills, such as self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-motivation. It encourages them to explore their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and challenge themselves to grow and improve. Leadership development also promotes character development, including traits such as integrity, empathy, and resilience, which are essential for becoming responsible and ethical leaders.
  2. Preparation for the Future: Leadership skills are critical for success in various aspects of life, including education, career, and community involvement. By developing leadership skills during their teenage years, young people can gain a head start in preparing for their future roles as leaders in their chosen fields, whether it’s in business, academia, sports, or community organizations. Leadership development equips teens with the skills and mindset needed to face challenges, solve problems, and make positive contributions to their communities and society.
  3. Empowerment and Confidence: Leadership development empowers teenagers by giving them a sense of purpose, direction, and confidence. It helps them realize their potential and believe in their ability to make a difference. Through leadership experiences, teens learn to take initiative, make decisions, and communicate effectively, which boosts their self-esteem and empowers them to take on leadership roles in various settings.
  4. Social and Emotional Skills: Leadership development emphasizes social and emotional skills, such as communication, teamwork, empathy, and conflict resolution, which are essential for building positive relationships with others. These skills are valuable not only in leadership roles but also in everyday life, as they enable teenagers to navigate social situations, understand and connect with others, and work collaboratively with diverse groups of people. Leadership development helps teenagers develop healthy relationships, improve their social skills, and become effective communicators.
  5. Positive Impact on Others: Leadership is about influencing and inspiring others towards a common goal. Leadership development helps teenagers learn how to motivate and inspire their peers, family, and community members in positive ways. It encourages them to think beyond themselves and consider the needs of others, fostering empathy, compassion, and social responsibility. Leadership skills enable teenagers to contribute positively to their communities and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.
  6. Career Advancement: Leadership skills are highly valued by employers and can lead to better career opportunities in the future. Many employers seek candidates with leadership qualities, such as the ability to communicate, collaborate, and motivate others. By developing leadership skills during their teenage years, young people can gain a competitive edge in the job market and enhance their prospects for career advancement.

In summary, leadership development is important for teenagers as it promotes personal growth, prepares them for the future, empowers and boosts their confidence, enhances social and emotional skills, enables them to make a positive impact on others, and can have long-term benefits for their careers. It equips teenagers with the skills, mindset, and qualities necessary to become effective leaders and succeed in various areas of their lives.

Kristine Medyanik

Dr. Kristine Medyanik has been teaching business and psychology classes, for many years. She started Shattered Glass Leadship to offer boutique-style workshops that provide expert content to “level up” your daily leadership practice. She has an amazing husband and 3 growing boys and works hard to support local women-owned small businesses.