I leverage more than a decade of teaching experience and a doctorate in business with a specialty in Organizational Psychology. All of this knowledge and experience is being shared in my boutique-style womens retreats.

About Me

Dr. Kristine Medyanik, DBA

I’ve been teaching business and psychology classes, running a small business and growing a family for many years and realized as women we often overlook time for ourselves. There are often so many people, things and events demanding our time that we forget to carve out time to grow and rejuvenate allowing us to be better and more efficient versions of ourselves. So I developed a workshop that creates that time and provides expert content to “level up” in your daily leadership practice.

My women's leadership retreats build on concepts of personality, motivation, brain science and then dives into your goals, your challenges and provides time to envision your next chapter or ten. I’m passionate about building women up. My business is just me, but rooting me on, I have an amazing husband and 3 growing boys. I work hard to also support local women-owned small businesses in my workshops by bringing in local coffees, treats and some fun surprises!

I can’t wait to work with you, so please reach out with questions or if you’d like to discuss a package option for your group of women.

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Contact Me

Client Reviews


Lucy Escobar, Lucy Escobar Coaching and Consulting LLC
The retreat was transformative. Wonderful energy, a fantastic circle of women coming together in leadership sisterhood. The circle began with opening up and sharing our vulnerabilities in leadership and ended with looking at the stories constructively with the aim of carrying over our lessons learned into our lives back home and businesses. Dr. K was able to inspire us to look past our past and help guide us into rediscovering our emotional intelligence and how to grow. I was able to walk away with awareness, an action plan and a strong bond with other empowered women.
Anthony Severson, Libre LLC
The LevelUp Leadership Virtual BOotcamp Series was a great experience and I recommend it for everyone! Dr. Kristine was able to take complicated and complex concepts regarding leadership skills, personality types, etc and make it easierfor me to understand. She had great energy throughout the entire series, and I appreciated that she involved each person in every topic! Everything I learned in this leadership series I can apply in my business and in my daily life. I'm looking forward to attending more leadership trainings with Dr. Kristine in the future!
Maureen Morrison, Children's Discovery Academy of Orting
I recently attended the Weekend Leadership Retreat with Sahttered Glass Leadership. Wow! As a small business owner I gained so much perspective about myself as a leader and the team I lead. Dr Kristine's methods are approachable and her research is sound. I feel like I really gained a lot of opportunities to reflect and grow and I was able to bring back what I learned into my business immediately. There's a unique and extremely beneficial way the topics are presented that kept me interested all weekend! I highly recommend this retreat experience. I grew up as a woman AND as a leader! I can't wait to do more with Shattered Glass!!!
This leadership retreat was amazing. Valuable information and conversations. The length of the retreat was ideal for breaking down and understanding the content covered. The workbooks have been helpful in continuing to understand and apply the information. I 100% recommend this retreat for anyone open to growth in any area of their lives. I look forward to participating in more retreats in the future.
Beautiful accommodations, delicious food, valuable, helpful content! I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat from beginning to end. Kristine delivers the content in an interactive, non-judgmental atmosphere that was enjoyable. She provides practical application of the concepts so you can start applying them immediately. I highly recommend her retreats! Well worth the time and money!
Atmosphere is calming and was conducive to learning. The content was very helpful and professionally presented, as well as all the materials. I liked having all the materials to look back on and review later in the week.