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Level up your daily leadership practice with our intimate retreats for women interested in investing in their growth as a leader, woman and all the other hats we wear.

We help women find their super powers!

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My name is Dr. Kristine Medyanik.

I’ve been teaching business and psychology classes, running a small business and growing a family for many years and realized as women we often overlook time for ourselves.

There are often so many people, things and events demanding our time that we forget to carve out time to grow and rejuvenate allowing us to be better and more efficient versions of ourselves.

So I developed a workshop that creates that time and provides expert content to “level up” in your daily leadership practice.

My boutique style, overnight women's retreats are in a small, intimate setting in Northern Oregon. We'll deep dive into leadership theory and application, and help you find your super powers!

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When we become our best selves, we are powerful, we have no limits.

When we become our best selves, we positively impact our families, businesses, communities and the world.

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